Kite Tails 249

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Kite Tails 249 is from the Kite Tails project by photographer Jeff Kauffman

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Kite Tails 249 from the Kite Tails project by photographer Jeff Kauffman

Kite flying is a popular past-time at the Texas coast. The stiff offshore breeze from the Gulf of Mexico provides great conditions for staying aloft. The colors first caught my eye, and then the flow of the long tails captured my interest. The continuous rising and falling, twisting and turning made for fun compositions. With these particular kites, the colors contrasted nicely against the blue sky and wispy white clouds.

Port Aransas near Corpus Christi, Texas provided the location for this series of photographs. Port A, as it is known, is an island vacation town popular for its sport fishing, boating, and other sea-centric activities. The beach is broad and flat, perfect for families. Local folklore claims pirate Captain Jean Lafitte sailed the surrounding waters and buried treasures on the island. Those treasures have yet to be found!